Five reasons why you need to take notes (jot things down).

If you are a lady reading this, did you ever keep a diary when you were younger (especially the one with keys😁)?If you are a guy, did you ever write down or draw on a sheet of paper/book what you envisioned your future to be?Writing down things is essential because it helps you recall andContinue reading “Five reasons why you need to take notes (jot things down).”

The voice of God.

Still small voice, audible voice, a knowing in your spirit, it’s just a feeling of peace, sometimes you just know, other times chills, in your quiet time, through His word, a dream, a vision, song, dance, a person, a situation, nature, happenings, new things, nothing, anything, everything.WHEN GOD SPEAKS!!!!! The only GOD with so manyContinue reading “The voice of God.”

Tired? Do this.

I know most times we all can be strong in so many areas of our lives. We are smashing our goals for the year, being strong for ourselves, being strong for a friend or loved one, being strong despite what’s going on in your life or around you.
However, there are days when we are just tired or should I say not as strong.
This is what you need to do…