How to let go of past hurts.

I forgive you; three words so easy to say and sometimes can be a bit difficult to utter too.

We’ve all been offended at one point in our life either by someone, something or a situation.
Whoever hurt you, whatever it is that offended you. Letting go can sometimes be challenging.
However, the following are things that can help you.

  • Forgive: I do not know what you went through, who hurt you or what situation got you offended.
    However, one thing I do know is, hurt is like a weighty burden on you(whether the person is at fault or not), which can only be relieved when you decide to forgive genuinely; emphasis on genuinely.
    Sometimes you get an apology, sometimes you don’t, but for your own sake, choose to forgive. It relieves the weight or burden; sometimes you can act like it doesn’t bother you, but in a way it still does.

PS: If you need to forgive yourself, please do. Never be too hard on yourself for something you did mistakenly(I don’t mean when an individual deliberately takes God’s grace for granted).
The truth is the devil tries to play on this; he makes you feel guilty, dirty and unworthy.
However, when you come to God in humility and ask for mercy, He will accept you wholeheartedly. He still loves you.

“And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Matthew 6:12

  • Let go: Now letting go can sometimes be challenging. But God can make it easy for you, talk to Him about how you feel, how hurt you are, ask Him to help you heal.
    I don’t mean what happened would magically go away; however, when the thoughts of what happened present itself, you don’t feel the initial hurt anymore. You move past it and prevent it from getting to you.
    Let go and let God have His way

  • Speak peace: You need to speak peace to your heart, mind and soul. Keep saying what the word of God says about you or that situation, no matter what your thoughts say or what the environment presents to you.
    Be at peace with all men, it might not be easy, but it’s possible.
  • Talk about it: I don’t mean “gossip” about it. I suggest talking to someone you trust, a mentor, a confidant, your pastor. Having a sound support system helps you, sharing your situation helps relieve you, and you get good advice from the right people.
    Suppose circumstances present itself to talk directly to the person who hurt you(especially if you are close to him/her, please do). Communication is key.

Yes, you are strong, but no matter how strong you are, you sometimes need help; everyone needs help at some point.

God is our greatest source of strength.

  • Move: When I say move, I mean, stop reminding yourself of that occurrence, feed yourself with the right things, surround yourself with the right people. Be better, do better, and let all you do be in love.

Did this write up help you in any way?
Do you have any contribution, please let me know in the comment section.

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