What to do when things don’t go as planned?

Some of the things I wrote came true (which were in line with God’s will for me), while others did not. Some were too funny, some were unrealistic, but I wrote them down anyway. Writing what you desire God to do for you is great, you can always look back and appreciate Him for the things He has done. However, when you aren’t seeing what you’ve prayed for, you’ve been waiting, praying, and you sometimes break down and cry, you’ve done all you think you can, and yet what you’ve prayed for hasn’t come to reality.
What do you do then?

It’s Christmas again🎄

Here we are againit’s Christmas againFireworks, Lights, Merry againChrist is our gainJesus loves us and what He did, if we were to go back in time, He will do again.He wants us to experience His love, if you don’t know Him all you need to do is to be born again.His love is free, takeContinue reading “It’s Christmas again🎄”

Five reasons why you need to take notes (jot things down).

If you are a lady reading this, did you ever keep a diary when you were younger (especially the one with keys😁)?If you are a guy, did you ever write down or draw on a sheet of paper/book what you envisioned your future to be?Writing down things is essential because it helps you recall andContinue reading “Five reasons why you need to take notes (jot things down).”