What time is it?

Bella and Lily were the closest of friends; in fact, they had been pals since they were young for almost 8 years. Up until college, they attended the same schools and did practically everything together.

They had already decided on the year of their nuptials and who would serve as each other’s maid of honor. But as soon as Bella graduated from college, her college study companion asked her to marry him. On the other hand, Lily had been in and out of unhealthy relationships.

Lily grew resentful of Bella after five years of being apart because Bella was now married with two children. The devil began to suggest that Bella was no longer making time for her because she was unmarried, thoughts of how she wasn’t good enough and of how no one wants her came to mind.

She withdrew considerably from Bella because she ACCEPTED and DWELT on the wrong thoughts that flooded her mind.

I know the above story is very cliche but stay with me for just 4 minutes.

The devil tries to make us feel unworthy, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not tall enough, not spiritual enough, not talented enough, not deserving; and he does this by flooding our mind with negative thoughts.

Sometimes he even shows us false evidence, and says, can’t you see this is happening because of that…….lol, the devil is a big fat liar, that’s why the bible calls him a roaring lion, all he does is talk and instill fear in anyway he can, he can’t touch or harm you.

Don’t and I repeat, don’t believe the negative thoughts; whose report shall you believe???



Don’t compare your life with anyone,your race is different, your hurdles are different, your wins are different and most importantly your timings are different and all these are in God's hands.

Don’t resent anyone, rather when you pray, thank God for those around you that have received what you want, just give thanks.


Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. Ecc 3:11.

Let’s do a quick exercise. Think back to a request you made to God in the past and consider whether his response was timely. Even though at the time it undoubtedly seemed like we were waiting for a very long period, I’m sure it was. Sometimes we may not even be able to understand why our victory came at the time it did, but God knows the reason and we are certain it was for our benefit.


In conclusion, there’s is nothing wrong in telling God what you want and when you want it (in fact, He wants you to tell Him your heart and it may just happen  when you want it or even before the date you prayed for) but keep in mind God’s will and His timing. I know you’ve heard this a gazillion times, but God’s timing is actually the best.

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