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You will be alright.

Have you met someone you completely don’t know before? You got talking and somehow you clicked in your conversation. It just seemed he or she had known you like forever and you are like where has this person been all your life?

You have enough space.

When you newly got the phone you presently use; One of the criteria you looked out for was the phone storage, how many gigabyte (GB) it had. This was important to you because of the many documents, pictures and videos you would have to save.
When you get offended; what do you do? How often do you forgive? How quickly do you let go?
How much can you take?

How to let go of past hurts.

We’ve all been offended at one point in our life either by someone, something or a situation.
Whoever hurt you, whatever it is that offended you. Letting go can sometimes be challenging.
However, the following are things that can help you.

Things you need as a new mum

Hello new mums😊, today I would be sharing some things you need for your baby(just in case you haven’t gotten them.)

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Today’s nugget

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

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