Things you need as a new mum

  • Baby app: It helps track your baby’s milestones and gives you an idea of what should be happening at every month. Every baby develops differently and at their own pace, so your baby can be fast in hitting some milestones while some will just take their time. I recommend baby centre app, or any good one you know.
  • Nasal aspirator(Nose Frida): This would come in really handy if your baby has a blocked nose/ mucus in the nose.
  • Baby car seat: As a parent, keeping your child safe is important, especially when your child is riding in a vehicle. The appropriate use of car safety seats helps keep children safe.The type of sits your child needs depends on several things, including your child’s age, size, and developmental needs.Please do your research before getting one.
  • Baby high chair: This should be used when your baby is prepared for solid foods (6 months old). The signs your baby is ready for solids include when your baby can sit up straight, has good head and neck control, show an interest in food, opens mouth when food on a spoon is offered.
  • Baby nail clippers: Baby’s hand and toe nails grow quickly and they can unknowingly scratch themselves with it. Ensure that their nails are trimmed properly
  • Playmat: Playmats are perfect for tummy time, it helps babies develop motor skills, prevent getting a flat head and also strengthens their neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Breast pad: For breastfeeding mothers who intend to go back to work, this is quite necessary because breast milk leaks out when your breast is full and you’re not around your baby.
  • Thermometer: This is super important, it helps monitor your baby’s temperature. You don’t need to guess whether your baby is running a temperature or not.

To be continued…..

Always remember, you are a beautiful and strong mother. See you in the next one.

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