Have you asked yourself these questions?

Woah!! We are about three weeks into the year; from me to my dear readers, Happy new year!!!
Today’s post is in form of an exercise (please read on, it would be worth every minute.)
So below are some questions I would love you to sincerely answer and re-evaluate yourself.

— How has the past two weeks of the new year been for you?
— How is your relationship with God so far?
— What are you feeding yourself with?
— Who are you hanging out with?
— What vision are you walking with?
— How have you been spending your time?
— What do you spend your time watching? (God had to remind me of this recently, and I had to “reset”.)
— Have you started what you intend to start?🤔
— Have you stopped what you wanted to stop?

— How is work?
— How is your business? (if you have one)

And the most popular question of all time
— “How are you?……..TRULY.”

I know this seems like a lot of questions but please take out time to answer them now or at your free time and re-evaluate yourself.

If you need to re-align yourself to what God has told you or revealed to you, please do.

If you’re doing well so far; well done. Stay on track. Re-evaluating yourself weekly or monthly is an important thing.
Ask yourself salient questions. Be deliberate about making a change, if need be.

Don’t stop at reviewing, but take a step to work on the things that needs to be worked on.

LET GOD LEAD YOU, LET HIM TEACH YOU. This year is your best year yet!

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