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What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Every single day we make decisions (big or small). Sometimes we are uncertain if we are making the right ones.
Have you ever had to make a decision and you don’t know what to do?
Below are the actual things you need to do….

You will be alright.

Have you met someone you completely don’t know before? You got talking and somehow you clicked in your conversation. It just seemed he or she had known you like forever and you are like where has this person been all your life?


I know you are fine and attractive, but please, still read this.

So what makes you attractive?

Is it your beautiful eyes, full lips, chubby cheeks, dimples?

Your charming voice, full beard, your bespoke outfit?

Could it be your dark skin(Melanin poppinnnnn) or your beautiful fair skin.

Does your forehead make you attractive (Yes, forehead geng ladies are beautiful.)

It might just be your nice six packs build or is it now one pack😁😁, your flat tummy, wide hips, tall frame or even small stature.

Lets imagine this scenario together, its your birthday today. Your friend, loved one, partner, best friend threw you a surprise party when you got home. You were overwhelmed with joy from the love that was shown to you as you entered.

Imaginary scene continues

You danced, cut your cake, everyone is happy. Yipeee, its time to open your gifts(gushing).They look beautifully decorated on the right corner close to your red velvet cake, you rush over to open them. You start with the biggest and beautifully wrapped one. You hurriedly ripped off the cover and voila!

Photo by Pixabay on


I can imagine the look on your face or how disappointed you might have been. *There’s no way that beautifully decorated gift box was empty*. I think you are beginning to get the gist….

Go back to the source of what makes you attract other people. The Holy ghost is the source of your attractiveness. He is the one who woos and wins the heart from within.

Yes, you definitely have to look good physically too, you represent Light so you have to look nice. What is most important however is what is in you. You really can attract anybody by your outward look like that gift box but it then requires the inner beauty to keep them.

So to answer the question

You can be way more attractive when you allow the Holyspirit to lead.

See you in the next one.

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