Hide and seek

Ready or nottttttt?, here I comeeeeee!!!

I’m sure some of you know the game hide and seek when you close your eyes, count down and then look for your friends who have hidden themselves carefully.

Fun game right!

Quick story which most of us know, remember when Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil which God told them not to eat. God called, however Adam and Eve took figs of leaves, covered up and hid themselves because Adam disobeyed God and was now aware that he was naked.

What do you do when you sometimes fall short or when your weaknesses get in the way sometimes?

Do you ask God for mercy or do you hide?

Hiding from God is not only running physically away from Him (He is everywhere😎). It means deliberately not praying or avoiding the assembly of other believers because you probably feel guilty about something or you think God might not forgive you.

When you have been praying about something and you’re yet to see the manifestation physically and almost giving up….do you talk to Him about how you feel? or do you just give up on God and move on with your life?

It’s the little drifting away here and there.

Let me say something here, instead of hiding from God…..WHY NOT HIDE IN HIM.

Our lives are hidden in Christ once we accept Him as our Lord and saviour. He that dwells in the “Secret place” of the most high shall abide under the shadow of he almighty.

God is God

God is Good

God is Faithful

God is Love

God is Mindful of YOU.

So whatever the situation is, try to get closer to God, not far away from Him, don’t hide from Him.

Hide in Him instead!

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.

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