Have you asked yourself these questions (PART 2)

Hello😎, welcome to the other half of the year. It’s been a while since I wrote on here. I’m glad to be back and writing again; most importantly, thankyou for gracing me with your audience.

So, at the beginning of the year I wrote an article “Have u asked yourself these questions.” This is a follow-up article on that.

This is the second half of the year, it’s re-evaluation time. I’m going to repeat those questions here inorder for you to answer them personally, pray about them and work on those things that need to be worked on.

Below are the questions. Take your time to really answer them.

— How has the first half of the year been for you?
— How is your relationship with God so far?
— What are you feeding yourself with?
— Who are you hanging out with?
— What vision are you walking with?
— How have you been spending your time?
— What do you spend your time watching?
— Did you start what you intend to start?🤔
— Have you stopped what you wanted to stop?

— How has work been?
— How is your business? (if you have one)

And the most important question of all.
— “How are you? TRULY.”

After answering these questions, re-evaluate the journey so far, PRAY, follow God’s leading and re-strategize for the second half of the year. God has a plan for everyone of us and it is GOOD.

Don’t worry if you haven’t achieved some of the things you wanted to, just keep at it. You will rejoice.

Have a beautiful day ahead.

❤️See you in my next one.

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