The battle you must win.

Did you get to play mortal kombat when you were younger? I did. I always chose either Subzero or Kitana and my favorite part after winning was when the game says FINISH HIM!!! You know the rest(for those who played the game)…lol.
It was such a fun game.


Whatever video game you get to play, there is always a part where you’ve got to choose a player.

Daily, a lot of thoughts go in and out of our minds. Our thoughts are very important and it affects how we behave, how we perceive other people, what we do, how we do what we do, our decisions basically.

What do you CHOOSE to think about?
What makes you laugh daily despite what’s going on?

It’s your choice, circumstances around can make you feel a certain way, people around can make you feel a certain way. It easy to give in, to whine and feel sad or be fearful.

But it’s better to dust it off (no matter how long it takes) and CHOOSE to dance, CHOOSE to laugh, CHOOSE to be the best you can be, CHOOSE to start that thing you have always wanted to start.
CHOOSE to continue
CHOOSE to stop.

When negative thoughts pop up, do you click on it and allow it to dwell or do you ignore it?

Choose to laugh in your low times.
Choose to dance when things don’t feel exactly as it should.
Choose to be happy
Choose to talk to God
Choose to start that thing
Choose to stop the negative
Choose to continue the good.
Choose to believe
Choose to trust
Choose to love

Round 1: FIGHT

Yep, you have to fight (please hold up! NOT PHYSICAL, please don’t fight anybody😁).
The battles in our minds have to be won daily.
You need to consciously refuse to dwell on thoughts that affects you negatively.
Replace them with God’s word…keep saying it.
(Joshua 1:8)

Replace them with positive ones…keep saying it. (1Tim 6:12)

This is how you fight.

You are already a winner. Nothing can hold you back from been that great person.


What do you surround yourself with?
Who do you talk to when you are down?
What do you read often, it’s what you expose yourself to often that you think about.
Do you talk to God about how you feel…
Try to listen and read the right things. Stay around amazing people, friends who add value to you, people who bring the best out of you.

Ephesians 6:11-18


Knowing you have chosen to think the right things irrespective of the current state of things is pure victory. Phil.4:8

It puts you at peace, it makes you better.
Our thoughts are important; our minds are like a big battle field, keep fighting the negative thoughts and keep winning…

I recommend the book (Battlefield of the mind) in the link below for a more in depth look into the topic.

8 thoughts on “The battle you must win.

  1. I consciously refuse to dwell on the negative thoughts, I win the battle in my mind always💯, thanks love❤
    @Keziah I see you😘


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