Tired? Do this.

It’s been a while since I last posted here. However, I am glad I’m back and I’m way glad you’re here too.

I know most times we all can be strong in so many areas of our lives. We are smashing our goals for the year, being strong for ourselves, being strong for a friend or loved one, being strong despite what’s going on in your life or around you.

This is absolutely superb, I applaud you superman/woman, I sincerely do.

However, there are days when we are just tired or should I say not as strong.

Being tired isn’t a sign of weakness, it just shows you’re human too.

It can be physically, emotionally, mentally or in any area. When you do feel tired? What do you do?


I know you know this or you guessed that’s what I would obviously say first. However, it’s quite important we do this. I’m also aware that when we are tired (especially when we’ve been so strong for ourselves, someone or something), it might be difficult to pray at the time.

But as much as you can, please say a word to God, mutter something. Just let him know how you feel. He is there with you and for you. If God is for you, who can be against you. Rom 8:32


What do I mean?? Those times when you feel tired, speak strength (this is not denying the present state that you are but it’s speaking strength despite.) Yes, things might not look right, still speak what you want.

You’ve done that before? Keep speaking. Don’t be discouraged, be consistent in your speaking strength into a situation or to someone or to yourself.

Trust God.

Speak by faith.

The Bible tells us that He uses words to “call those things which be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17)


In a relay race, it’s not necessarily the team who starts well at the beginning that gets the first prize, however consistency is key. As long as you are on track, you have Hope. That Hope is Christ, be assured that you will finish well.


I might not be able to talk about all the forms of tiredness all in this post. But I must say, that taking out time to rest is important in all forms, especially when you’re physically tired.

Your body needs it, you need it. No matter how little the time. It helps you recharge and be strong again.
Being strong mentally is a very positive attribute; you can do a lot of tasks in a stipulated time. If you’re in this category, you’re amazing and if you’re not, you’re still amazing.😁

Nevertheless, you still need time away from those things to rest and do what makes you relax. One can also feel tired mentally due to happenings or situations around. Try to stay away from anything negative.

Think positively (Phil 4:8.)

Your mental health is important and if you need to see a professional, please go see one without delay.

While mental health has to do with your mind, emotional tiredness can be due to a whole lot of things, to mention a few: stress, been overwhelmed, certain happenings and difficult times. This is quite broad as it can be due to anything.

Whatever it is, consciously take out time to relax, breathe……

He gives strength to the weary, And to him who has no might He increases power. Isaiah 40:29 AMP https://bible.com/bible/1588/isa.40.29.AMP

(Please remember in all these, talking to God is key.)

You might also be waiting on God for a particular thing at the moment. Be REST ASSURED that He will do it. Let your mind and heart be at peace dear.


You’ve got to charge your self up by praying in the HolySpirit if you can. If you can’t just pray in your understanding and read the Word. Remind yourself of what God has told you, hold on to it. Walk with it. Let it be what guides you. Isaiah 40:31.

In conclusion
You are an amazingly strong person, but it’s okay to feel tired sometimes; what is not okay is staying tired.

So pray, speak, don’t give up, rest and charge up. See you in the next one. Till then, stay strong.💪

Do you have any contributions to what has been written? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.👍

I will love to hear from you.

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