What to do while you wait.

Remember the last time you were served by a waiter in a restaurant. How long did it take the waiter to serve your order?
What were you doing while the waiter got your order?

The waiting process means a lot to different people, you could be waiting for something you prayed for(a breakthrough, finances, a baby, your life partner, your career, a job etc) or you could be waiting on someone.

The waiting process if not understood can be filled with “what ifs” and “why not”.

However these are the things you can do during this time.

While you wait, trust Him
Believe that you have received what you have prayed for. Trust God with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. “Your understanding” can be rational and want to reason out some things, however you need to trust that He has everything under control.

While you wait, keep your focus on God, not what you’re waiting for. Of course, what you are waiting for would come to mind severally; however, be more thankful than anxious about it.
Please don’t get worried about what you’re praying for, but be confident that you will get it.

While you wait, Thank Him
Thank Him for what you are yet to receive, appreciate God for what He has done previously. Irrespective of how you feel, try to push through and give thanks.
The devil wants you crying, sad and anxious; please don’t give in.
Stand up and dance.

While you wait, stand.
And having done all to stand, stand. Don’t let this period be a period of blaming yourself or someone for what isn’t working.
Stand on the word of God, and it will sustain you

While you wait, confess (speak positively)
Keep speaking what you want into existence. I’ve had to learn that consciously too. You don’t have to be sad; keep confessing, you will win.

While you wait, Know that His timing is best….okay, this part might seem difficult. In our minds, we have a particular timing for certain things, which is okay, but you have to understand that God has a plan for you too, and it’s incredible and beautiful; His plan is the absolute best.
We might feel we need what we need now, but in the end you will realise the timing was just perfect.
However, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer immediately; He does. His hands are not too short that He can’t reach you.
When you are yet to see the answer physically, be assured God has answered so long your request is according to His will.

While you wait, get stronger
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, They shall mount up with wings as eagles, They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint.

You will definitely get what you are praying and waiting for in Jesus name.

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