How to overcome stress as a new mum(Episode 2)

Plan, plan, plan.
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Hello supermums, how are you doing today? I’m sure there are times you have had to stand still or tiptoe out of the room right after putting your baby to sleep in their cot only for you to look back and notice that they are awake😳.
I’ve found myself freezing(standing still) severally, just maybe she wouldn’t see me and perhaps go back to sleep. It works well sometimes and at other times, I start all over😁😁. That was on a lighter note….

In continuation to the last article, we will be looking at another way to relieve stress: Plan your time.

Okay hold on dear, I get that planning can look impracticable but it actually does work.

With a written plan, you tend to achieve all or most of the things you need to do.
Get a book preferably (that you can always refer to), if not you can as well use your phone as it is easily accessible.

Write all you need to do on that day both for you and your precious baby.
Then prioritize the things that has to be done.
Create time for your self in your plan and also “play time for you and your baby”. If you’ve resumed at work, beautiful. Make sure your baby has all that he/she needs before you leave for work (so in this case plan the night before).

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You can allot a time to everything you need to do. From bathing ur baby, food, laundry, going to work.The timing doesn’t have to be fixed but have a plan. In your mind, know that at a particular time frame I should be doing this and be determined to do your very best to achieve it.

Don’t sweat it, when you need to rest, please do.
Please allot a time as well for you, your “me time” aka “rest time” aka “anything you want to do time”😊(No matter how short).
Your baby could either be asleep or playing under supervision at that time or be in the care of your husband, with family or anyone with you that helps you.

Most importantly mums, do what works for you. Do what you feel will benefit you and your lovely baby.

I know you know this but if you don’t hear it enough, you are truly awesome, you are doing your best, you are beautiful, you are strong and ultimately a great momma.

Please let me know if this was useful to you in the comment section.

See you in the next one.

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